The Graduation Urban Studio explores the developing model of school buildings, and so learning environments, within the urban environment, specifically within the area around Fitzroy Gardens, at the edge of Kings Cross and Elizabeth Bay. Looking in one direction the studio begins with the detailed consideration of how people might learn. In the other direction, develops a detailed understanding of the existing urban environment by the development of a single, precise and evocative drawing of the precinct. And in both directions, the studio follows Manuel de Sola-Morales dictum; To draw is to select, to select is to interpret and to interpret is to propose. Emerging and disruptive economic models such as that utilized by Uber and Airbnb is explored as a manner for organizing the fluctuating brief inherent within the school typology. To enable both a spatial and temporal sharing of built infrastructure within the precinct. This studio seeks an architecture of transformation. A term which gives appropriate weight not only to that which has come before but also that which will exist beyond the moment of architectural intervention.