Framed by an ecological functionalist view of Architecture as articulated by the Finnish architect and theorist Juhani Pallasmaa, the Regional Studio proposes an architectural project accommodating hikers in a basic and flexible structure at Little Bay in Hat Head National Park, 460kms north of Sydney. The structure will be an integral part of the coastal walk from Hat Head to Little Bay, a track that offers a variety of landscapes from coastal beaches, inlets, ‘blowouts’, salt and freshwater lakes, heathland, native palm forests, gullies with dense forests of Cabbage Tree Palm and lush Tree Ferns, beautiful Orchids and Swallow-Tailed Butterflies, and spectacular views from ridges. The studio emphasizes the development of designs through an exploration of landscape and the natural and modified environment. Students investigate, reveal and represent solutions that respond to the landscape, informed by a knowledge and appreciation of the particular place. The studio seeks to discover architecture that is a response to Place and not one of Imposition.