The Bachelor of Architectural Studies course offers two distinct studio streams; Regional Studio and Urban Studio. The intent of the regional studio is to introduce students to the specific attributes of the site and to elicit responses that translate those attributes into sensitive and logical architectural form. Spanning from the remoteness of Far Western NSW, via the Great Dividing Range and all the way to the coast, successive studios have taken in a beautiful representative transect of the state. Geology, fauna and flora all play their part in informing student designs. The site this year was Hat Head National Park near Kempsey, a spectacular coastal park of headlands, estuaries and beaches. The project was for a structure to accommodate hikers, a program consonant with the intent of fostering an appreciation of the place through an intimate immersion in its formations and weather.

The challenge of the Urban Studio on the other hand, is for graduating students to develop an exploratory and coherent design for a large inner city high school in a complex and evolving part of our city. Looking in one direction the studio undertakes a detailed investigation into how people might learn. This occurs via precedent and first hand experience, in the making of spare but closely observed drawings to develop a taxonomy of learning acts and armatures. In the other direction, students develop a detailed understanding of the existing urban environment in the development of a single, precise and evocative drawing of the precinct. This working between the outlier scales of architecture is conflated with the more familiar scales of the room and the building to encourage a holistic consideration of the way places evolve within urban environments.

To see student work please visit ARCHEX B.Arch Catalogue 2018.